Skatepark Rules

Accepting and adhering to the rules are a condition of entry to the park. The rules exist
to make the park as safe as possible for everyone.

1. All participants must complete and sign a rider disclaimer form in order to ride (under 18’s by parent / guardian and witnessed by another person over 18) .

2. Do not ride or skate above your ability.

3. All participants must skate/ride safely at all times and avoid collisions with other participants. Do not spin your scooter around dangerously.

4. Do not throw anything anywhere in the park.

5. No food or drink may be taken onto ramps or into ramp areas. Food and drink may only be consumed in spectator areas.

6. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited at Mags on ramps.

7. No riding in the spectator area, pedestrian walkways or Mezzanine Level.

8. Bullying, fighting or other aggressive or disruptive behaviour will result in ejection from the park.

9. Non-skate or riding gear, including bags, must be kept off ramps.

10. All participants must wear helmets.

11. Park management reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject anyone at any time from the park at its own discretion.

12. All participants in the park must wear a wristband as proof of payment and/or having signed into the park.

13. All participants must immediately cease riding ramps when wet – from leaks or spills and report to a member of staff.

14. Do not graffiti or vandalise anywhere in or around the skate park.

15. Please follow all instructions given by skate park staff at all times.

16. Spectators may not use or stand on ramps or within ramp areas for any reason.

17. Suitable shoes and shirt or tee shirt must be worn at all times.

18. Upon entering Mags on ramps you agree to bag checks if requested by staff.

19. No contests, events or photo shoots of any description may be held in the park unless organised by or in conjunction with and approved by Mags On Ramps management. Participants may use their own cameras while at the park at their own risk of loss or damage. Spectators may shoot from spectator areas only.

20. Failure to abide by the park rules will result in you being ejected from the park and possible ban.